Williams wins tie-down, Tryan and Corkill claim team roping title in Colorado



(September 3, 2015) — Chase Williams jumped back in the winner’s circle Monday, capturing the average title in the tie-down roping at the Colorado State Fair & Rodeo at Pueblo, Colo.

Williams roped and tied two head in 19.7 seconds, winning $2,509 in the average after also capturing $586 for placing fifth in 9.5 in round one. He won a total of $3,091 at the event.




World team roping champs Clay Tryan and Jade Corkill continue to keep themselves in position to make a run at a three-peat as a tandem and a four-peat for Corkill. They won the average in Pueblo with 13.7 seconds on two head, earning $2,874 each for the title and adding another $1,916 with a second-round win in 6.5 and $595 for fifth place in 7.2 in the first go. They earned a total of $5,385 at the rodeo.

Morgan Mill heeler Dakota Kirchenschlager won the opening round team roping in 6.3 seconds for $1,916 and was third in the average for another $1883. Other local team ropers placing in the average were Morgan Mill heeler Dakota Kirchenschlager – third, 14.6 on two, $1,863; Lipan heeler Patrick Smith – fourth, 15.3 on two, $1,387. Kirchenschlager also won round one in 6.3 seconds for another $1,916, Stephenville heeler Woodard was second in 6.4 in the first go for $1,586, Stephenville heeler Jake Long was fourth in 7.1 in the first go for $925, Smith tied for holes two through four in the second round, earning another $1,255 in 6.7.

Former Tarleton tie-down roper Reese Reimer was third in the opening round in 9.3 seconds and fourth in the average with 20.3 on two, winning a total of $2,524.



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