Dublin Bottling Works to debut plastic bottles at Dublin Lions homecoming game




DUBLIN (September 11, 2015) — In honor of homecoming night and all the other exciting festivities planned for the Dublin Lions’ football game tonight, Dublin Bottling Works has an exciting announcement – they’re going plastic!

That’s right, you can now get all your favorite Dublin Bottling Works sodas in plastic bottles. While this is a big change from the original glass products, Bottling Works officials say it is a necessary step.

All bottling is still done right here in Dublin, but now Bottling Works soda can be sold in all kinds of new locations. Including in the concession stand at Dublin Lions’ football games!


Kent Crouch said the Bottling Works will have the first bottles of the five original flavors for sale at the Dublin homecoming game. He said the recipe remains the same, the old bottling plant still uses Pure Cane Sugar, they just now also come in plastic bottles, too.

So be sure and keep an eye out at your favorite Dublin Bottling Works retailer or head over to watch the mighty Dublin Lions face off against Rio Vista and be one of the first enjoy some DBW soda!

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