Words from the Sheriff: ATM safety tips

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant
Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant

There are several things you can do to protect your account and yourself when you use an

ATM card. 

*Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN),  then keep it a secret.

*Do not use your birth date, phone or social security number as a PIN.

*Do not write your PIN on your card, deposit slip or envelope.

*Never carry your PIN in your purse or wallet.

*Never discuss your account or PIN with anyone over the phone or in person.

*Do not allow anyone to use your card or PIN.

*Keep your card in a secure place at all times.

Statistics show that one-third of ATM card frauds were associate3d with the cardholder writing their PIN’s on their cards or slips of paper kept with their cards.

When selecting an ATM place to use, keep in mind that a busy, well-lighted ATM that is visible from the street is safest.  Try to avoid using one that is located at a rear entrance or surrounded by shrubbery and trees.  Also, a drive-through is safer than a walk-up.  When driving up to an ATM machine avoid being blocked in by letting the car ahead pull forward before you approach.  Keep your doors locked and have your card ready.  When finished, put your money out of sight and take your receipt with you.

Some logical suggestions are:

*Do not withdraw for an “official”.  No one from the bank, an auditor or a law enforcement officer will ever ask you to withdraw money from an ATM.

*Keep your receipts and verify each one on your bank statement.

*Report a lost or stolen card to the bank immediately.  You may have significant liability if you fail to notify the financial institution.

* If your card is stolen or lost, do not give your PIN to anyone who calls, even if they claim to be a banker.

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