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Chad Hennings

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Tarleton State Kinesiology

Since 2009, the Tarleton State Kinesiology Department has been promoting active engagement in professional aspects of their student’s collegiate experiences.

For the past three years, this department has personally hosted annual workshop/speaker series for their students in order to provide them with networking opportunities, leadership experience, and motivation from esteemed speakers.

Not only have these annual events grown in popularity among students, but they have attracted the attention of many organizations who come from surrounding areas to promote their company, gain references for interns or employees, or connect with other likeminded professionals.



This year, the department is hosting an event which is likely to be bigger and better than any of their previous events as it will encompass service aspects along with leadership opportunities. In light of the recent Stephenville tornados, the Kinesiology Department is utilizing the event as an opportunity to help fellow Texans and those in the community struck by recent tragedies.

All attendees will be required to bring three canned goods as an alternate to an entrance fee. All donations will be sent to local food pantries and to the Rainbow Room (w/ Child Protective Services in Stephenville). Also, participants will receive ALE credit for collecting donations and then for delivering them on April 7th from 10am-noon.

In addition to the service aspect of the event, two other portions account for the entirety of the evening. The first is the Professional Development Workshop from 5:30-7:30pm. This workshop will serve as a traditional expo center for exhibitors to showcase their organizations, services, and products. All attendees will have an opportunity to engage in a dynamic college experience while learning about diverse opportunities as they visit representatives from professional organizations  (Texas Association of Basketball Coaches Association, TAPHERD, International Sports Sciences Association, Fellowship of Christian Athletes etc.), health-related companies (AdvoCare, Gatorade, NOG Protein, Plexus, etc.), fitness organizations (Spartan Race, Technogym, BSN Sports, UTSA, etc.), and many more.



The Keynote Speaker, Chad Hennings, will follow the Expo Center at 7:30 in the main gym. Chad Hennings is a three-time Super Bowl Champion, Air Force Academy graduate, and motivational speaker. He is also the author of the books “It Takes Commitment,” “Rules of Engagement – Finding Faith and Purpose in a Disconnected World,” and “Forces of Character.” He will be speaking on what it truly means to live a life of impact.

The Tarleton State University Kinesiology Department has proven time and time again that they stand for more than simply educating their students. This department is not only promoting and advocating real-world experiences for their majors, they are providing them with such incredible opportunities right at their fingertips. Events like the 2015 Dr. Sadler Distinguished Scholar Series not only bring the community, university, and professional organizations together, but they purposefully demonstrate how the Tarleton State Kinesiology Department is actively building fearless champions. 

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