Cinderfella winners crowned



STEPHENVILLE (April 16, 2016) – Stephenville High School Project Graduation hosted the 2nd Annual Cinderfella fundraiser Saturday. Gretchen Wieners (Riley Forehand) was crowned the 2016 Queen. Other participants included Pedrica la Chica (Pedro Manrriquez), Bella Cinderella (Nobel Alexander), Helga (Mason Yoes), Janice Ian (Josh Nowell), Cowgirl Connie (Conner McKinzie), BarbKiesha Bee Cinnamon (Malachi Taylor) and Kendra Scott (Kendall Williams). Participants competed in a talent competition, interview portion and even had a ‘fan favorite’ selected.

Cinderfella 8 Cinderfella 2 Cinderfella 20 Cinderfella 18 Cinderfella 1 Cinderfella 6 Cinderfella 10 Cinderfella 23 Cinderfella 22 Cinderfella 21 Cinderfella 19 Cinderfella 17 Cinderfella 16 Cinderfella 15 Cinderfella 14 Cinderfella 13 Cinderfella 12 Cinderfella 11 Cinderfella 9 Cinderfella 7 Cinderfella 5 Cinderfella 4 Cinderfella 3

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