Stephenville PD Chief: Stay safe, aware with burglars on the loose



STEPHENVILLE (April 19, 2016) – A rash of vehicle burglaries in several neighborhoods of Stephenville has the police department and residents feverishly searching for answers.

“We believe this is being done by a group or groups of people (not an individual), but have no suspects we are willing to speak about at this time,” said Stephenville PD Chief Jason King Tuesday. “We’re asking residents to be aware, lock their vehicles, take valuables out of vehicles, don’t give burglars any reason to want into your vehicle. And above all else, report anything suspicious you see to the police department.”

King called a press conference Tuesday afternoon to ask for the public’s help in catching these criminals. With more than 20 burglaries in 19 days and the number continuing to climb, Stephenville PD investigators are working around the clock to track down the offenders.
SPD numbers

SPD graph

PD officials released some staggering numbers at the press conference, including seven vehicles stolen from locations inside the city limits since January. King said while six of these vehicles were recovered, usually found by officers or investigators in the same area they were taken from, several of the stolen vehicles are believed to have been used to commit some of the other property crimes in those neighborhoods.

If you have any information regarding these burglaries or burglary suspects, call the Stephenville PD at 254.918.1200.

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