Lingleville celebrates student achievements

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Lingleville ISD held its annual academic and athletic awards banquet for 7th-12th grade students Tuesday evening at the Robbie Roberson Activities Center at Lingleville First Baptist Church. Students were honored for extracurricular achievements, outstanding classroom performance, graduating in National Honor Society or with honors, having perfect attendance and more.

HS Outstanding Students
HIgh school outstanding students by subject
HS Girls Athletics
High school girls athletics
A Honor Avg HS
Students with an overall ‘A’ average who were not already honored on the ‘A’ honor roll
A Honor Avg JH
Seventh and eighth grade students with overall ‘A’ averages
A honor roll
‘A’ honor roll students, who made an ‘A’ in every class, every six-week grading period
FFA participants
HS Boys Athletics
High school boys athletics


HS Cheerleading
High school cheerleaders
HS UIL Academics
High school UIL Academics
JH Boys Athletics
Junior high boys athletics
JH Girls Athletics
Junior high girls athletics
JH UIL Academics
Junior high UIL Academics
Marley Wood UIL Scholar
UIL Scholar Marley Wood, also the valedictorian in the Class of 2016
One Act Play
LHS One Act Play
Outstanding Students JH
Junior high outstanding students by subject
Perfect Attendance
Perfect attendance
Senior Chords
Senior department chords
senior Honor Chords
Senior honor chords


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