Erath County VFD and EMS rescue 14 people in high-water evacuation

Seven-year olfdNoe Martin Luna JR looks toward shore as he and his family were rescued by the Erath County Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency Services after flooding threatened their home of County Road 454 Thursday afternoon. Photo by Russell Huffman

The Erath County Volunteer Fire Department and EMS rescued 14 people including five children in a daring drive through rising waters of the Bosque River Thursday afternoon.

Donning high water rescue gear volunteers made their way across a 120-yard wide stretch of County Road 454 (sewage treatment plant road) expecting to find only four people, but instead found 14. Rescuers were required to make three trips across the treacherous stretch of water. Flash photographer Russell Huffman was shooting flooding photos when he saw the situation and called the Erath County Sheriff’s Department and then documented the rescue. All pictures of children are being used with permission from parents.

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