City terminates Brenda Haggard

Longtime SPARD superintendent let go, Tim Miller named interim super

Brenda Haggard, shown receiving an award last November, was terminated Friday morning from her position as superintendent of Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department. || photo by RUSSELL HUFFMAN


STEPHENVILLE (August 19, 2016) — A long-term employee of the city of Stephenville has been terminated.

At around noon Friday, city officials were on scene at the recreation hall at city park, where Brenda Haggard was seen removing her possessions from Stephenville Parks and Recreation Department (SPARD) administration office.

While witnesses reported a police presence at the rec hall, Haggard’s immediate supervisor, Director of Community Services Jeremy Allen, said officers were simply escorting Haggard from the premises and the matter was not a legal one.

Haggard had been employed by the city for about 25 years, and confirmed her termination directly with The Flash. She cited differences of opinion related to her job performance and time management skills.

“There have been ongoing issues since Jeremy (Allen) came to the city,” Haggard said, citing write-ups related to attendance and tardiness.


One of those occurrences was about a year ago, when she took two days off to take her grandchildren to an amusement park. Haggard claims she verbally notified Allen, but her boss later said he wasn’t aware.

“It was a real ‘he said, she said,’ situation,” Haggard said, adding that during her tenure, there had previously been no concerns raised over her work schedule. “Before taking those days off, I had worked 21 days in a row, but nothing was said about that.”

She also said while working under the direction of Drew Wells, who held the director’s position for about 15 years prior to Allen’s arrival, and Ronnie Isham, who worked for the city for 25 years, she was never written up for such issues.

“Before Jeremy came on board, the city didn’t care if I worked five days or 500 hours,” Haggard said. “When you’re here until 8:30 p.m., you think as long as things are covered, it’s not a big deal.”

Allen, meanwhile, said the termination was effective immediately, and Tim Miller, another longtime city employee, has been appointed the interim SPARD superintendent.

Haggard, who said she recently talked about retiring from the post on a daily basis, said she’s looking at the future with a healthy dose of optimism.

“God never closes a door without opening a window,” she said. 


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