Traditional Mexican lunch, supper to be served Election Day


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STEPHENVILLE (November 7, 2016) – Election Day is nigh. And that could only mean one thing – it’s almost time to get your fill of election enchiladas and bipartisan tacos.

That’s right… St. Luke’s Episcopal Church hosts its 61st Annual Mexican Supper Tuesday, November 8.

Marion Cole and Mary Lilly coordinators the event and are as excited to be a part of the decades-long tradition as the church members who come together to prepare the feast and families who gather for the event.

“St Luke’s Mexican Supper is a community event that people have been looking forward to for 61 years!” Cole said. “Every year we have people ask us, ‘Now, when is your Mexican Supper, I don’t want to miss it?’ It’s a place where people gather to enjoy great Mexican food and visit with friends. Every member of our parish is involved in some way – from little ones helping to set up to adults cooking and serving food. There’s great camaraderie here and it reflects to our patrons.”

And, the meal is nothing political. It’s a simple way to enjoy fellowship, good food and raise funds for a number of local charities and the church’s outreach efforts. Cole said the fundraiser was started to raise funds for much needed church supplies, but St. Luke’s Mexican Supper now provides funding to many community and charitable organizations in Stephenville and Erath County.

“After our expenses, everything we bring in is returned back to the community,” she said.

While the fundraising event can’t help you decide the best pick for President of the United States, it will make deciding what’s for lunch and dinner easy – and delicious.

“We have two different menus and many patrons attend both the lunch and dinner,” Cole said.

The taco lunch buffet will be open from 11:30 a.m. until 1 p.m. The lunch buffet consists of tacos, beans, chips and homemade salsa. 


Diners have their choice of a large taco plate with three tacos and beans for $7; a small two-taco plate with beans for $5; or individual tacos for $2 each.

St. Luke’s signature chili will be served for $5 per bowl and diners with a lighter appetite – or those who want to pile on a little extra flavor – can get a bowl of beans or nachos for $3 each. St. Luke’s also has dessert covered – homemade pralines will be available for $1 per bag.

“The chili and beans are cooked on site by our St. Luke’s Chefs,” Cole said. “They cook 420 pounds of chili meat and 100 pounds of beans. We also make over 700 pralines.”

Dinner offers everything the community has come to expect from the election night event. The traditional enchilada supper will be served from 5 p.m. until 8 and includes stacked enchiladas, with or without egg, beans, chili, coleslaw, chips and homemade salsa.

“Many people ask, ‘Why do we have the egg on the enchilada?’” Cole said. “Well, according to history, one of our church members had a Hispanic employee who told them the egg helped absorb the grease from the enchiladas. Whether that’s true or not, we do not know, but the rest is history and we serve about 40 dozen eggs!”

Adult plates are $10 and children can dine for just $5. For those children who prefer American fare, hot dog plates will be served for $4 each. Of course, you can also get your fill of the extras – a bowl of chili, nachos and pralines for the same price as lunchtime.

Lunch delivery and dinner take out are available by calling 254-968-6949.

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is located at the corner of Vanderbilt and McIllhaney streets.

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