TxDOT works to fix issues on Highway 6



ERATH COUNTY (May 26, 2017) – After many weeks of treacherous driving along State Highway 6, many local residents are completely avoiding the roadway and all are wondering what the Texas Department of Transportation plans to do about it. The answer, for the time being, lowing the speed limit to 45 mph.

Accidents are occurring daily on the 10 mile stretch of Hwy. 6 from Dublin to Hico – three within minutes of each other Friday morning alone. According to DPS officials, there have been a higher number of accidents along Hwy. 6 in the months following the resurfacing than in the months before the work began.

TxDOT Public Information Officer, Val Lopez, said on Friday afternoon that his office was aware of the “emergency condition of the pavement on SH 6 in Erath County and is both actively searching for the reason for the deterioration of the roadway and pursuing an emergency contract to permanently repair the problem.”

Until such time as a permanent solution can be found, Lopez said the local TxDOT crews were treating the roadway and portable message boards advising motorists of pavement conditions and speed advisories have been posted. In addition to the message boards and lower speed limits, Lopez instructed crews to place additional advisories and traffic control devices along the corridor Friday.

He said additional measures include:

  •             2 additional message boards (total of 4) advising motorists of the pavement conditions
  •             4 portable message boards with speed radar detection to encourage drivers to slow down
  •             Speed limit signs reducing the speed to 45 mph

“The emergency contract to replace the entire surface will be issued for bid and work could start as soon as a couple of weeks,” Lopez said. “Until then, TxDOT will maintain an around-the-clock presence on SH 6 to address pavement, signage and traffic control issues. During this time, we ask that motorists lower their driving speed and drive to the conditions of both the weather and pavement.”


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  1. We had perfectly good asphalt and the state decided to have it torn out and replaced with lousy tar and chip. RT 6 was one of the best highways in this part of the state and now it is the worst.

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