Q&A: Chaviers hoping for expanded role with Miami soccer

Two-time state champ misses multi-sport involvement at SHS

Bayleigh Chaviers, a 2016 Stephenville High School graduate, is preparing for her sophomore season at Miami (Fla.). || Courtesy HurricaneSports.com


STEPHENVILLE (July 22, 2o17) — Soccer was always going to be the primary sport for multi-sport standout Bayleigh Chaviers, a 2016 graduate of Stephenville High School.

In an era when verbal commitments from high school athletic prodigies seem virtually meaningless, Chaviers never wavered on hers. She committed to Miami (Fla.) as a sophomore and never so much as publicly mentioned interest another school.

She’s a Hurricane now, beaming heavily involved on the pitch as a true freshman last fall. She saw action in 18 of 19 games, logging 40 or more minutes four times and 25 or more minutes 13 times according to her hurricanesports.com athlete bio. She didn’t score a goal in 2016, but if she keeps shooting like she did – 19 shots, 11 of them on goal. She also logged an assist for the Hurricanes, who over the initial half of the season were among the national team leaders in goals score.

Chaviers will likely go into the Stehenville High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2021, the fist year she is eligible. She did win two track and field state titles, after all, in 800 meter run, and was part of approximately 140 team victories as a four-year letter winner in girls soccer and three-year letter winner in girls basketball.

Chaviers spent some time this summer back home in Stephenville, and even assisted with the first soccer camp held at Stephenville High School, directed by head coach Casey Weil.

The Flash Today caught up with Chaviers on the final day of camp for a little Q&A. We hope you enjoy:


Q: Q: How much different is the level of competition in Division I and, specifically in the Atlantic Coast Conference?

A: A: The level of athletes is so much different, because there, everybody is good. It’s just so much faster than what we played in high school. But i knew everyone would be good , and fast, so it wasn’t so much a surprise, just a lot higher level and a lot of adjusting to do last year as freshman.

Q: Q: Early on last year the Hurricanes were among the national leaders in goals. What enabled you to do that and how do you continue that this fall?

A: “I think it was mostly because how well we move the ball and play as a team, we really have a team first environment in our program and that helps. And last year we only lost one senior but we had six freshmen so I’m looking forward to continuing to build something with my teammates.”
Q: Those last two years of high school, with micro-fractures and everything you dealt with, how difficult were some of those times?

A: “It was hard, because some things you know you have been successful at and still could be if you were healthy you just can’t do, or at least not to your full capability, and that’s frustrating. But all you can do is persevere and push through that. I’m healthy now, so it’s all good.”

Q: How do you see your roll on the team blossoming as a sophomore?

A: I’m excited just because I have a year under my belt now, so I know what the team is like, and I know what to expect in the preseason, the regular season, the travel schedule all that.”

Q: You’re majoring in nursing, correct? How is school going?

A: “Yes, it’s nursing and school is going better now. It was difficult last fall with it being my first year of both college and soccer at that level and all the traveling that we did, but I bounced back in the spring, and now it’s good. I’ll be better prepared this fall I think than I was last year.”

Q: You have to love having Miami Beach right there handy, is that true?

A: “Oh yeah for sure, some days a group text will just go out and say team beach day and we’ll all get together and hit the beac because it is just right there. I love the water, the beach all that, so it’s fun.”

Q: “What do you think when you look back on your carer here at SHS?”

A: “I miss it so much. I loved high school because I could play all the sports I liked. And there are coaches I miss, and friends. I just miss being home.”

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