Cosmetic upgrades have Dublin athletic facilities looking sharp

This is not a wall, but a look going across the floor at the Lion on Texas logos in the Dublin High School weight room. || Photos by The Flash Today

Photos by The Flash Today

(August 16, 2017) — Dublin will look the part, no doubt. And so will its facilities.

A furniture company was decking out everything from the weight room to the boys and girls basketball locker rooms, football locker room, even athletic director Bob Cervetto’s office with new logos of Lions over the state of Texas at just about every turn.

And those are just the portion of the athletic facilities The Flash Today saw while in Dublin for football and volleyball photos last Friday.

Photos below are from the weight room and of one of Dublin’s new game balls. The same giant Lion and Texas now graces the floor of the locker room, and according to the @flyinlionhoops Twitter account – administered by Dublin boys basketball coach Will Parker – the boys basketball locker room is similarly outfitted. Here’s that collage of photos, pulled from Twitter:

There are also new Lion on the interior walls of the weight room, used by all boys and girls athletes grades 7-12, and signs have been raised and mounted on the south wall of the weight room depicting some of the successful seasons of Lion football past.

Dublin also has varying looks of the Lion on Texas logo available for games this fall, including one look withe Lion over a Texas adorned in stars and stripes like those of the US flag.


Cervetto allowed The Flash Today enjoy a photo taking tour of the weight room, and it is shared below to give you an idea of the new look to Dublin’s 17-year old digs.


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