First Financial Bank First Flash – Physicality makes difference as Jackets start 3-0

Kasee Bouchey drills the Everman quarterback for a strip sack that was recovered by his Stephenville teammate, Dylan Garber. || The Flash Today photo courtesy Dr. CHET MARTIN


STEPHENVILLE (September 15, 2017)  — Sure, Everman scored a couple late touchdowns to trim the final margin to 34-21, but it was never really that close, as Stephenville scored 27 straight points to break an early tie, and Everman didn’t get back on the board until the Stephenville players were relaxing and celebrating being 3-0 against the same opponents that left them with the sour, winless taste of 0-3 at this point last year.

Initial thoughts following the games! Each Friday and Saturday this football season, brought to you by FIRST FINANCIAL BANK.

Why did it happen? Here’s my first thought following the game in our First Financial Bank First Flash:

Physicality. That’s it. One word. Even the return of Easton Jones to the quarterback position couldn’t steal the highlight from good old fashion physicial football. Stephenville drove Everman off the ball, opened lanes for Krece Nowak and occasionally Blu Caylor and, in the right situation, Easton Jones to run between, and while it wasn’t a yardage amassing highlight show like the Jarrett Stidham or Tyler Jones quarterbacked offenses, it was just as effective, and much more painful from Everman’s standpoint.

Just look at the feature photo above, or the photo below, (both courtesy Dr. CHET MARTIN) as they tell the story. Everman having its quarterback drilled and losing the ball offensively, and a defender being pancaked into the new CoolPlay FieldTurf by Yellow Jacket lineman Jacob Poston as Jones sneaks across the goal line on third and one.

Jacob Poston pancakes an Everman defensive lineaman while Easton Jones sneaks across the goal line on third and one during the third quarter Friday at Memorial Stadium. || The Flash Today photo courtesy Dr. CHET MARTIN

Everman was surprisingly attempting to throw the ball all over the field – not a very Evermanly approach at all. This isn’t a good Bulldog team because it is one without an identity and because it is one that lacks physcality.

Did you see the way Blu Caylor physically finished off his interception return? The Yellow Jackets are pretty salty, and they are so because they have their identity set in stone, and even the return of Jones could not get them away from it. That’ and they are physical, both up front offensively and all throughout the much-improved defense.



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