Miss Congeniality with a Gun

Savanna Graves

One of my all-time favorite movies is the 2000 hit comedy, Miss Congeniality. The story follows Sandra Bullock’s character as she transforms herself from masculine FBI agent to an undercover beauty pageant contestant. The movie is a fan favorite for the relatable jokes and the twisting storyline, but there are so many more great things to love about this film. The fact that the lead character is a woman who’s not always wearing a full face of makeup or always eating salads in the most delicate way is lovable and endearing. The fact that the same woman can store a firearm in every nook and cranny of a formal ball gown and take down her male partner as her pageant talent is downright inspiring. As I rewatched this movie recently, I realized just how unacceptable it would be in today’s America. The left would have thrown a fit.

The fact of the matter is, gun rights are women’s rights. As much as the left wants to discredit it, men are physically superior to women. They’re built differently, from their muscle mass to the length of their bones. If a man wants to rape a woman who has no self-defense background or any way to protect herself, he can do so easily. But if that woman has a gun or a concealed carry, she saves herself physical and emotional pain. So then why are so-called “feminists” trying to take guns away from women? As Katie Pavlich said in this PragerU video.

“You might say, ‘If no one owned a gun than everybody would be safer.’ Yes, and it would be nice if cheesecake was a diet food.”

Over the summer, I was lucky enough to listen to some amazing men and women who are making waves in the conservative world. Among the speakers at this Turning Point USA event was Kristi McMains. She spoke to a room of over a thousand young women, telling us her survival story. At one point during her story, she stopped.

“I know a lot of women prefer to carry mace and that’s their prerogative,” she said. “But if I didn’t have my gun with me that day I would be dead.”

Being a spokesman for equality and speaking out for women’s rights isn’t about yelling at old guys on Capitol Hill about taxes on tampons or your apparent right to birth control and abortion. It’s about fighting for your right to protect yourself from the unimaginable. The bad guys will always be there. Hopefully, plenty of armed ladies will be too.

True feminism is painted clearly in Miss Congeniality. It shows a woman who takes her job and her goals seriously and is taken for granted by her male co-workers until her femininity is suddenly useful for them. But instead of going on a feminist tirade about what sexist pigs they are for even suggesting she dress in feminine clothing, she takes the task on, looking to further her career and work her butt off to get there. Throughout the movie, the main character is a realistic image of a real working woman who is able to protect herself and those around her because of the gun on her hip.

Gun rights are women’s rights. Everything else follows.

Savanna Graves first found a passion for politics and government on the 2016 campaign trail for her father. Since then she has been increasingly involved with Turning Point USA, Future Female Leaders, and PragerU, organizations that spread the message of small government and capitalism. As a high school senior at Huckabay ISD, she plans on attending Liberty University in the fall of 2018 to study political science and journalism. Views expressed in this column are hers and do not reflect those of The Flash as a whole.

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