Two Lions achieve scoring trifecta by halftime of highest scoring Dublin game in 74 years

Dublin quarterback Josh Hanes rushed for two scores, passed for four and caught one as he and teammate Jacob Stanley each achieved the scoring trifecta before halftime of a 73-40 victory over Bangs in the final game of the season for both teams Friday night. || THe Flash Today/RUSSELL HUFFMAN

Flash Staff Report

BANGS (November 10, 2017) — The scoring trifecta of passing, rushing and receiving touchdowns in the same game is a rare feat.

But to have it achieved by two players on the same team in the same game?

Suffice it to say that would be exceedingly rare, as immense research would have to be done before even beginning to say Friday was the first time in the 100+ year history of the sport for such an occurrence.

But let the record stand clear – it was done in a half by Dublin Friday in a 73-40 thumping of Bangs. Quarterback Josh Hanes rushed for two scores, passed for four and caught one from Jacob Stanley, who rushed for the first of 16 total touchdowns in the wild affair and caught a pass from Hanes in the second quarter.


Both Lions achieved their trifectas before halftime and the Lions went on to score their most points in a game in 74 years, the third most in school history. Twice have Dublin teams scored 79 – a November 12, 1943 shutout of Comanche, which coincidentally handed the Lions their worse-ever loss by that same score in 1914.

Dublin took the lead for good on the first of three touchdowns scored in the final 2:17 of the first half. The first of two scoring passes from Hanes to Mercer gave the Lions a 28-26 at that point, and 1:15 later the Lions were in the end zone again. It was Hanes to Stanley fro six yards out, then they scored on 4-yard connection with 38 seconds on the clock, and finally the intermission brought a pause to the scoring with Dublin ahead 44-26.

Bangs showed signs of life with a 53-yard QB keeper to cut it to 44-34 just 42 seconds into the new half, but the Dragons were cut off from breathing anymore fire until 29 conseutive points by Dublin on a 23-yard run by Hanes and two-point conversion by Adrian Flores set up a by big kick return from Hayden Jurado, a Hanes-to-Mercer 40-yard six-pointer, a 12-yard TD run by Hagen Huffman, and a 3-yard TD from Cy wing to Mercer, the latter’s third TD catch on the only scoring pass of the season by the former.

Onside kicks both ways set up the scoring fest as each team pulled out all the steps with there being n o playoff implications. The Lions fnish fifth and Bangs last in 3-4A Division II with Eastland, Cisco, Tolar and Coleman earning the four playoff spots in that order.

Dublin enjoyed two other wins in 2017  – 27-24 over Breckenridge and 45-26 over Bosqueville.

Hanes scored twice rushing and onc e receiving while also passing for five scores, accounting for seven of 10 Dublin touchdowns in a 73-34 road win to close out the season for both teams, the fifth and sixth finishers in District 4-3A Division II.


The rare trifecta means the  DQ Player of the Week honor goes to Hanes for the second time this season. He put up big numbers all year, as the Lions narrowly missed a playoff spot because of a two-point loss to Tolar and an eight-point defeat at the hands of Coleman. They finished in third and fourth, respectively, with Eastland and Cisco taking the top seeds into the playoffs.

Hanes rushed for TDs of 8 and 23 yards, and delivered scoring passes twice to Billy Dale Mercer twice and once each to Jacob Stanley, who

rushed for two TDs and passed for 5, and the Lions finished six points short the 79 points they scored twice, first in 1924 and again on November 12, 1943. Coincidntally, the 79-0 record-tying score is the same margin as Dublin’s worst-ever loss back in 1914, and Comanche was the opponent both times.

With onside kicks galore, reverse pass throwbacks on two-point conversion tries and more, it was clear everyone was pulling out all the tricks they had and having some fun to close out the season Friday.

The most fun for Dublin came when the Lions took the lead for good by scoring three touchdowns in the final 2:17 of the second quarter. Hanes hit Mercer for the first of their two scoring connections and a 28-26 lead. Onside kicks then allowed Dublin to pad the lead before intermission with a Hanes 6-yard TD pass to Jacob Standley and a four-yard

The Flash Today photos by RUSSELL HUFFMAN, who was also the reporter for this account, written by Brad Keith

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