Cody Davis supports FCA with cleats designed by SHS student Tyler Schouten

Tyler Schouten and the cleats he designed for Cody Davis.


STEPHENVILLE (December 6, 2017) — Cody Davis wanted to participate in the My Cause, My Cleats program allowing NFL players to raise awareness and funds for their favorite causes.

Some players choose their own foundations that benefit specific causes or charities, some have family ties to their cause and some just pick something that stands out to them personally.

Davis, a Stephenville native and a defensive back for the Los Angeles Rams, chose Fellowship of Christian Athletes because of the impact the organization has had in developing his own faith, and the commitment he has made to supporting FCA through donations, volunteer appearances and more.

Davis challenged FCA members to come up with the best design for the cause, and standing out above the rest in his eyes was the artwork of Stephenville High School junior Tyler Schouten. He designed a pair of sleek blue and white high-top wide soccer cleats, the backs bearing the message, “Run The Race Heb. 12:1,” a summary of the first verse of the 12th chapter in the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Hebrews published in the Bible. The FCA logo adorns the side of the shoe.


“I wanted the cleats to be somewhat related to the summer FCA camps, so I included the main verse used this summer,” said Schouten. “And of course, I wanted them to be somewhat cool, so I added the navy blue fading to the white, with the FCA logo on the side.”

Schouten will never forget learning his idea was tabbed the winner and the cleats would be used in an NFL game.

“I was told that I won during Breakfast of Champions right before the Snyder game. I was very honored because these were going to be worn in an NFL game and it was supporting something I am passionate about – FCA,” Schouten said.

He would love to have a pair to keep, or perhaps even wear in a game during his senior season next fall, but that won’t be the case. A backup quarterback for the Yellow Jackets, Schouten started the season opener in September while Easton Jones was injured. But he didn’t come away from his cleat design empty-handed.

“Sadly, I do not get a pair, those will be auctioned off with all the money going toward FCA,” he reported. “However, I get a signed mini-football, Rams helmet and a signed picture of Cody Davis wearing the cleats.”

Keepsakes that will last a lifetime, and a cause, thanks to faithful beneficiaries like Davis and eager student-athletes such as Schouten, that will continue for generations.


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