FIND IT HERE: Stephenville playoff results by round and year


Flash Staff Report

STEPHENVILLE (December 6, 2017) — Utilizing the extensive research over the course of years by Stephenville High School records and results tracker Cody Derrick for his website, The Flash Today has built a table making it easy to look up post season results all the way back to 1924 when the Yellow Jackets first broke through and won 17-0 over Graham, and current to last Friday’s 31-28 victory over previously undefeated Argyle.


Did you know a win Friday would be the 80th post season victory in Yellow Jacket football history? Or that the last Friday’s ccontest was the first playoff meeting with Argyle (it was also their first-ever meeting)? Did you know Stephenville and Wichita Falls Hirschi last met for a playoff contest in 1999? It’s all easy to find below:

Whether you are using this for important points of reference or just having fun trying to remember playoff scores from way back when, The Flash hopes you enjoy:



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