Letters to the Editor


To the residents of Erath County,

I have known Kim Barrier since she was in high school and came to work for me at Santa Fe County Taco Company. She was an incredibly hard worker, a cheerful, quick learner, reliable, and trustworthy. At sixteen, she became our youngest ever Crew Leader, a highly responsible position which required running shift crews out of our 18-20 people opening/closing the store, managing all the cash, and so on. She continued to work for us after high school while she attended Tarleton. After her graduation, Kim went on from Santa Fe to bigger and better things while continuing to bring her A game of hard work and strong values to her endeavors.

I am confident that Kim would be an excellent fit for the County Treasurer position. She would bring a varied private enterprise background that includes accounting, legal work, human resources, creativity, and great leadership and managerial skills to the job as well as her terrific work ethic and personal integrity. Experience does indeed count, and Kim Barrier has what it takes to do the job. I strongly support Kim Barrier for the position of County Treasurer; please consider giving your vote to her.

Sherry Zachery

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