Fatal Dublin fire not investigated as a crime

State Fire Marshal's office spearheaing investigation



DUBLIN (June 10, 2018) – According to investigators with the State Fire Marshal’s office, the fire that took the life of a Dublin man Sunday morning is not being investigated as a crime scene.

“We are investigating the fire. The Dublin Fire Marshal (C.E. Malone) requested our assistance,” SGT David Vesley said. “This is obviously a complex structure and it is being investigated as a fatality.”

The State Fire Marshal’s office does normally assist local fire marshals but will be spearheading this case.

 “It is an undetermined fire at this time,” Vesley said. “The deceased male was located inside the residence and he was transported to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Center at the request of the Justice of the Peace.”

As the fire began to cool down and firefighters removed their equipment, investigators began their task of recording evidence. Several window air conditioning units were carried out of the devasted structure to be further examined. Two of those air conditioners appeared to have suffered very severe burning and melting.

Rumors have run rampant regarding the possibility of a serial arsonist in Dublin because there have been four structure related fires in a short amount of time.

“I don’t want anybody to jump to any conclusions or anything,” Vesley said. “We are not investigating any other fires in Dublin. I didn’t even know anything about those others fires until I came to town this morning.”

The Texas Rangers, Texas Department of Public Safety and Dublin officials are also assisting in the investigation.

“We have a lot of people who need to be interviewed,” Vesley said. “As far as this being a criminal homicide – it does not look like that. The victim was found located adjacent to a bed in the home.”

SGT Chris Ford was also assisting Vesley in his investigation and was responsible for running a canine over the premises in an attempt to locate any possible accelerants.

Speculation has been running hard on social media in regard to the thoughts an arsonist is on the loose in Dublin after a rash of fires including two that Malone labeled as “unique” in nature and may have some type of connection.

The two fires which occurred on Johnson and Elm streets are about a 2-3 minute walk from each other and apparently did not have electricity connected to the structures located there. A third fire is reported to have started in the attic of the home on Preston Lane and the cause of the fire on Graton Street this morning is “undetermined.”

“We are welcoming calls from the public if they feel they have any information that might assist us in this investigation,” Vesley said. “If anyone drove by or saw the smoke and at what time it was. Anything like that can help us determine a timeline.”

If you do have any information about this fire SGT Vesley may be reached by calling 512-676-6800.



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