Golfers take Legends by storm in support of SABC’s Robert Burns Memorial Tournament


Golfers showed up in droves Saturday to support the Stephenville Athletic Booster Club’s Robert Burns Memorial Golf Tournament at Legends Country Club.

The tournament is a major fundraiser for SABC and featured a scramble-style format with a few holes of added incentive from the Honeybee and Yellow Jacket athletes on hand.


A par-three hole featured an offer of playing “cornhole” where a beanbag is tossed into a hole for a chance at marking a “one” on the team’s scorecard. One chance for $5 and five for $20 was snapped up like hotcakes.

Another hole featured a gold ball teed up on a “T-ball” pedestal and a Yellow Jacket baseball player was available to pound it down the fairway where the team could establish their new t-box.

Football players lined a par for a chance at boosting t-shots. One player would “boost” the team’s first shot with a football throw and then a kick toward the green.


While some of the holes offered added fun there was also a serious air as everyone wanted a chance at being the number one team. Additional money was raised through a silent auction that offered various items to include fully outfitted “can fan cans”, clothing items and more.


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