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ERATH COUNTY (August 28, 2018) –  Glen Rose resident and owner of Texas Freight, LaQuita Allen-Odom, has a plan to renovate and restore the roadside park on Chalk Mountain on Highway 67 between Glen Rose and Stephenville. The first workday is set for Sep. 8.

Allen-Odom wants to take care of the property for no additional charge. She said she would keep it mowed on a regular basis and she has many plans for the renovation: she wants to repair all of the retaining walls that have been damaged; replace trash barrels; paint and repair the picnic table covers; paint the awnings; repair the chain length fence around the perimeter of the rest area and trim all of the trees and shrubs, as well as anything else that needs to be repaired.

Allen-Odom’s property joins the rest area and she has lived there for the past 15 years.

“My property joins that park and so I’d look at every day. That’s the most beautiful view in Texas so let’s get it back to what it used to be,” Allen-Odom said.

This year is also the anniversary of when the land was donated.

“That land was donated in 1958 by the Gibbs’ family. This is the 60th anniversary of that land being donated and lots and lots of people stop at that park and utilize it,” Allen-Odom said.

Allen-Odom has already had success getting volunteers. She has made several calls to the state, but she hasn’t gotten any responses. She is currently waiting on a phone call from the deputy district engineer.

“He (the deputy district engineer) thinks we can work something out, whether I purchase the park or whether we do a partnership, but he is to get back with me this week and see if we can’t come to an agreement,” Allen-Odom said.

Allen-Odom encourages others to volunteer to help maintain the rest area.

“It’s one of the most beautiful views in the state of Texas and people know this park from all over and we all utilize it or have been to it, so I just need their help to get it back to where it once was,” Allen- Odom explained. “Somerville County and Erath County draw a big tourist amount of people in here and we want the first impression when they roll into town, if they’re coming from Stephenville, is to see that beautiful park. We want people to have a good impression of the folks around these surrounding counties and I think maintaining our parks is key.”

“You know, if we take care of this now, the future generations can enjoy this for many many years. Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs donated this land 60 years ago for the surrounding areas to enjoy so let’s keep our promise to them to maintain it as they wanted it to be maintained,” Allen-Odom added. 

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