Underwood says Winder was not terminated as coach

Rumors have former SHS players Sterling Doty and Mike Giles as possible candidates.

Coach Greg Winder was on the rise after two tough seasons where there was a notable dip in Stephenville's talent pool. Winder established a 7-4 record in 2018 against possibly the state's most difficult schedule and was 12-3 in 2017.

Stephenville ISD superintendent Matt Underwood has contacted The Flash Today saying that head football coach Greg Winder was not terminated from his position, but instead had resigned.
Monday The Flash Today reported Winder was the first head football coach in 32 years to be fired from the position.
In an email Underwood wrote, “We did not terminate Greg Winder.”
Underwood was asked, “To be clear — are you denying that coach Winder’s contract was not renewed?”
To which Underwood responded.
“That is correct. After reading your article, I saw that the information was based on hearsay. I was first concerned that it was a quote from the District Administration. I just wanted to be clear that Coach Winder resigned his position with the District.”

The Flash Today spoke with two sources that indicated Winder was informed his contract would not be renewed.
A request was made to meet with Underwood in person to get further clarification on the matter; however, Underwood wrote back saying, “It’s all good, I just wanted to reaffirm that he (Winder) resigned.”


Did coach Winder resign after being informed his contract would not be renewed?
“That’s really all I can comment on,” said Underwood.
Social media came alive with thoughts about “the next coach at Stephenville” after the story of Winder no longer being the head coach broke.
Among the thoughts were Dublin’s Bob Cervetto who was an assistant coach under the legendary Art Briles.
Cervetto is becoming a legend of his own with the pride and work effort he has instilled in making the Lions a contender. Four years ago during a trip to Stephenville Briles publicly asked Cervetto if he had heard Stephenville had a job opening.
One Facebook comment even spoke of the need for a former Briles’ era player to come in and take over the program. It was a formula that worked for Stephenville’s fifth state title before Joseph Gillespie left for Tulsa.
That last comment might be more than just well-wishing as the names Sterling Doty (Magnolia) and Mike Giles (Needville) are out on “rumor street”.
“Yeah, I’m sure there are a lot of rumors,” Underwood said.

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