Christopher Camacho


(DECEMBER 13, 1976 ~ AUGUST 17, 2019)

Christopher Camacho, 42, a phlebotomist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, passed away on August 17, 2019.

 Christopher was born in Stephenville, Texas on December 13, 1976 to Emilio and Esmeralda Camacho.

 Christopher was survived by his mother, Esmeralda Camacho; and sister, Linda Camacho; and numerous cousins.

 Christopher was a man with love for his mother and sister. He was a kindhearted, and loving person to friends and family.

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  1. He was one of the nicest people I ever met. Enjoyed his company any time I hsd the pkeasure to see him. He will be missed.

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