New Members of Tarleton Corps of Cadets Honored at Brass Ceremony


STEPHENVILLE — The Tarleton Texan Corps of Cadets hosted its annual Corps Brass Awarding Ceremony on Oct. 19.

The ceremony recognizes the hard work, dedication and commitment of “ducks,” freshman cadets entering the corps, and notes their becoming full ARC 168 members of the corps family.

The brass is the physical symbol to be displayed on cadet uniforms throughout their time at Tarleton as the embodiment of being accountable, responsible and committed 168 hours a week.

The event, hosted by the Leadership and Military College, was held at Lonn Reisman Memorial Stadium on the Stephenville campus and featured a formation on Rudder Way at the General Rudder statue and a pass-in-review parade before Tarleton leadership and the Commandant of Cadets.

The corps formation then moved to the football field to receive short remarks and concluded with the cadet leadership awarding the new ducks with their corps brass.

The Texan Corps of Cadet brass insignia have three components. The crossed rifles signify designation by the National Defense Act, as amended, granting John Tarleton Agricultural College standing on Aug. 6, 1923, as part of the senior division of Infantry Unit, Reserve Officers’ Training Corps of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, College Station.

The rifles declare the purpose of the corps to produce PRINCIPES UNICI, “Unparalleled Leaders.” The single star represents the Corps of Cadets as Texans and symbolizes each cadet’s bright future.

“Today’s ceremony culminates a rigorous 70-day schedule of tasks that each duck must pass in order to be awarded their brass,” said LTC Lee Evans, Deputy Commandant and Chief of Staff, Texan Corps of Cadets.

“Beginning on the 10th of August, each duck has had uniform inspections, room inspections, ‘campusology’ requirements from their chisel (corps book of knowledge about Tarleton), physical tests and many other challenges. Wearing that Tarleton brass is special.”


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