Sissies bully Honeybees out of area round 49-28


No. 10 Bridgeport used a physical offense to throw off No. 5 Stephenville’s defense, and the Sissies played more like Bullies in a 49-28 bi-district win over the Honeybees in Aledo Saturday.
The ladies of Bridgeport were “Bullies” as in physicality as they forced their way into the paint, with Stephenville’s only chance being to be just as physical.
That tactic cost the Honeybees fouls and the services of first Landri Withers and Alee McClendon as they both drew three first-half whistles and were forced to the bench.

It’s hard to win a basketball game when your leading talent is on the bench due to fouls.

Stephenville’s bench has been a staple this season, but the larder was empty against the Sissies, who dominated the court on both ends, denying the Bees second opportunities.
Stephenville needed those second chances because the Bees could not find their mark from the field and even more problems when trying to get the ball in down low.
Bridgeport senior post Ashley Ingram (6-1) staked claim to the paint and, combined with her younger counterpart, junior Ashley Marschall (6-2), towered over the Bees’ lineup.
Stephenville came into the game with an almost gaudy record of 21-2, while Bridgeport was 18-8 on the season. No other 4A girls team with more than three losses (Glen Rose 23-3) was ranked in the top 10, but the Sissies were there for a reason.

Alee McClendon pulls down a rebound.

“People look at Bridgeport’s eight losses, and they wonder how they can be ranked in the top ten,” Coach Jason Hodges said. “That statistic is misleading because they played a schedule loaded with talent, and they were contention in all of those games.”
Stephenville has been a “step-it-up” team all season, with at least one or two of the Honeybees stepping up to take the lead if other players were struggling
Against Bridgeport, that didn’t happen as the Sissies led 14-5 with 5:33 to play in the first half. With leaders like Withers and McClendon both on the bench the
“They played a great game against us, and they came in with a great game plan,” Hodges said. “We had a few new things too, but when you are playing from behind all night, it’s hard to put something together. You can’t turn the ball over, give up multiple offensive rebounds, and you have to make your free throws.”
Jaylee Matthews was Stephenville’s top scorer with eight points while
Katie McIrvin had 4, Landri Withers 2, Mya Wilson 4, Alee McClendon 5, Jade Wilson 2, Zoe Birdwell 3.
“I’m proud of these girls and the effort they have given us all season,” Hodges said. “I want our seniors Katie McIrvin, Alee McClendon, and Jade Wilson to know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication they have given this program. They have set the bar high for our younger players.

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