Bluff Dale ISD closes until Tuesday, Sept. 7 due to COVID


September 1, 2021

School is just getting underway and already a second school district in Erath County is having to close its doors due to COVID.

According to Bluff Dale ISD Superintendent, John Taylor, beginning last week and continuing into this week, COVID cases started to increase and on Tuesday, August 31, BDISD has eight staff members out (not all COVID related) and the district had 82% student attendance. At least 12 students were out due to having COVID or home quarantining because of exposure to COVID.

“After speaking with the Erath County Emergency Management Coordinator, I have very reluctantly made the decision to close the school at Bluff Dale on September 1, 2, and 3,” Taylor reported. “We have Labor Day off, so this will give the school time to do a deep, sanitizing clean and the staff and students the opportunity to stay home, social distance, get better if they are sick and stay well if they are not.”

Taylor also reported Bluff Dale ISD has a cleaning crew coming to clean and sanitize the entire school during the days off as well.

District officials said there will be no attendance requirements for any student and no need to worry about online learning or making up work during this time. Like bad weather days, these days have been planned by the school board and district officials for just such an occasion.

In addition, Taylor said the ECEM office will be at the Bluff Dale Elementary School gym on Monday, September 6, beginning at 9 a.m. to test students for COVID. There will be no requirements to be tested and no charge. The county is providing this service to parents who want their students tested.

All Bluff Dale extra-curricular activities like volleyball and football games will be canceled during this time to allow student-athletes the same opportunity to social distance and get or stay healthy.

School is scheduled to start back on Tuesday, September 7, at regular times.


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