34th annual LJT Music Festival this weekend


Flash staff report
April 19, 2023

Prepare for an influx of people this week as the 34th annual LJT Music Festival kicks off. Between the concert-goers, vendors and increased law enforcement, there will be more folks on the roads, in the restaurants and in the gas stations.

While we know everyone appreciates the boost to the local economy, be sure to give yourself extra time and pack a bit of patients when going about your business this week.

If you plan on attending the largest country music festival in Texas (approximately 60,000 people attended last year), please be safe. There are numerous ways to plan accordingly including a shuttle service to and from Melody Mountain Ranch and Stephenville. As well as places to stay on-site at the ranch, taxi services and Ubers. Or just have a designated driver who doesn’t drink.

Whatever you plan, don’t drink and drive, there will be dozens of extra law enforcement officials on the roadways this weekend.

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