New Sidewalks, Seating to Spruce Up Tarleton State’s Heritage Park

New walkways at Heritage Park are among improvements expected to complete this fall.

STEPHENVILLE — ADA-compliant sidewalks will soon make navigating Heritage Park smoother. The new walkways are among several improvements planned for the green space in the next couple of months, according to David Martin, Assistant Vice President for Campus Operations.

“We’re removing the old sidewalk that was broken up and not level, and we’re replacing it with new fresh sidewalk,” Martin said. “It was a need anyway based on the condition, but now we have the opportunity to bring it up to ADA compliance.”

Most of the sidewalk from Doc Blanchard Boulevard to McIlhaney Street will be replaced. In addition, new benches and tables will be scattered throughout for sitting, studying and snacking. And new LED lighting will create a safer environment, Martin said.

The project is scheduled to complete by the first of October.

“We think we will have the sidewalk system opened up before then so the students can use it this fall, and what would remain would be the lighting work,” Martin said.

Heritage Park extends from east of the Howell Building to McIlhaney Street, from south of the P13 parking lot to Military Drive. It provides an inviting place on campus to hang out, play Frisbee and reconnect. The Military Memorial and Hunewell Bandstand are prominent features.

Sororities, fraternities and other student organizations often host events there. Major events include May Fete and Purple Poo reveal.

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