City of Stephenville releases report on drowning investigation


Flash staff report
November 17, 2023

The City of Stephenville asked an independent organization to investigate the drowning of Colt Williams this summer. The investigation report was given to the family before release to the public.

The public report was finished and given to the family on Monday, November 13. However, on Wednesday, November 15, the city was made aware of several more videos from the night of the incident and the third party will also be investigating those videos and a supplemental report will be provided at a later date.

“Of the recommended improvements suggested in this report, we have already taken a number of steps toward increasing safety measures at Splashville. The City Council approved the engagement of an aquatics manager in its fiscal year 2023- 2024 budget and the City has installed new cameras to increase monitoring capabilities at the facility. We are also pursuing enhanced lifeguard training and monitoring from a new service provider,” said City Manager Jason King in a statement released by the City of Stephenville. “In addition to these steps to increase the safety of Splashville, the City would like to honor Colt’s memory by implementing a program for no-cost swimming lessons next season. We will provide the details of this program prior to next season’s opening.”

Below, The Flash will be including the entire public report as well as the city’s release. We want to warn anyone reading the report in full that there are complete descriptions of what happened that night and witness statements in the report that might be upsetting to some readers. Use your judgment when continuing.

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