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Granny Clark’s (Address: 213 N Patrick St, Dublin || Phone: (254) 445-3444) — “Great food, great service, love it every single time I take the family. Had the chicken fried steak there last week and am planning on taking my crew there for lunch on Friday. We go every time we’re working nearby.” – John L., De Leon

Pizza Place (Address: 801 S Harbin Dr, Stephenville || Phone:(254) 968-2512) — “The food was awesome, it’s even better than when I’ve gone in years past, but they should hire people who are more interested in their customers than each other and their phones.” – Patty C., Stephenville

“Had Pizza Place for the first time last night. Best. Pizza. EVER. Seriously, if you haven’t been there – go now!” – Johnnie McV., Stephenville & TSU


City Limits (Address: 1907 E. Washington St., Stephenville || Phone: (254) 968-5222) — “There is nowhere better for live Texas Country Music. They have the best, new artists all the time. And the danicing is always great. I don’t ever go anywhere else.” – Chance W., Stephenville & TSU

Family Fun

Spas and Salons

Solar Nails (Address: 119 S Graham St., Stephenville || Phone: (254) 434-4650) — “Seriously, the best pedi I’ve gotten since I moved here. They even do super cute designs on nails by hand! Love them!” – Cassie H., Hico


• Stephenville Surgical and Medical Clinic (Address: 150 River N. Blvd., Stephenville || Phone: (254) 968-6051) — “Took my kids there years ago, but I went with my daughter-in-law last week with my first grandchild and things have changed at SMSC! I was surprised how much nicer the staff was and how much more professional everything is run now. They went above and beyond to make sure everything was taken care of and that everything went as smoothly as possible for us. If you are looking for a doctor in Erath County, look at SMSC!” – Katheryn P., Dublin


Car Wash at Bruners (Address: 2620 W Washington St, Stephenville || Phone: (254) 968-8544) — “Dropped my truck off less than an hour before they closed to get an oil change and detail on the inside and out. When I got back, they were almost done and it looked GREAT! I was a first time customer, but they’ll be seeing me more often now!” – Michael K., Tarleton student

WG Auto Sales (Address: 16701 S US Highway 377, Dublin || Phone: (254) 445-2994) — “Bought my truck there, probably won’t go anywhere else. They offer great service with honest, hard working sales staff.” – Jackie S., Hico

Erath County DPS (Address: 850 East Rd., Stephenville || Phone: (254) 965-5928) — “Just want to give some praise to the State Trooper from Erath County who stopped well past midnight on Tuesday to change a lady’s flat tire on US 281 between Hico and Stephenville. I’m not from the area and was stranded on the highway waiting for AAA when a young man with DPS stopped and changed the tire for me. I might still be waiting if not for him. I didn’t catch his name, but thank you, young man.” – Meredith Q., Santa Fe, New Mexico

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