Chase through Erath County ends with arrest of Bluff Dale resident

Kody Jackson Hobbs, 22 of Bluff Dale
Kody Jackson Hobbs, 22 of Bluff Dale


If you were up and around about 2 a.m. in Erath County Monday morning, you may have seen the police chase that traveled through.

According to numerous reports from both law enforcement agencies and local residents, a high-speed chase that began along I-20 in Eastland County entered Erath County at approximately 1:30 a.m. Traveling at both high rates of speed and even slowing down to speeds of 30 miles per hour at times, the suspect, later identified as Kody Jackson Hobbs, 22 of Bluff Dale, circled Stephenville several times after missing Dublin by taking the new loop, before heading north and out of the county.

Hobbs, who ran from officers throughout Stephenville including along Washington and Graham Streets, left Stephenville PD jurisdiction, heading north on US Highway 377, at approximately 2:15 a.m. and the chase was picked up by Erath County Sheriff’s Department deputies. Those deputies reported Stephenville PD had been successful in spiking two of the suspect’s tires and he was driving on at least one rim at this point in the chase.

A call ahead by Erath County dispatchers alerted Hood County Sheriff’s Department to the chase and they stationed units at the county line in an attempt to stop the suspect’s vehicle. At approximately 2:20 a.m., Erath County SO reported the suspect was nearing Bluff Dale and was driving on two rims.

Crossing into Hood County, officers reported there was at least one other occupant in the vehicle and they were able to spike its other two tires. As Hobbs neared Tolar at approximately 2:30 a.m., deputies reported he was driving on all four rims at low speeds, as Hood County officers were ahead were attempting to stop oncoming traffic in the area.

Hood County officials said their deputies radioed for a Hood County Volunteer Fire Department unit to be on standby as the vehicle appeared to be on fire. At about 2:45 a.m., speeds decreased to about 25 mph before the vehicle was stopped completely.

Law enforcement officials said Hood County SO was able to stop Hobbs before entering the Granbury city limits. Two suspects were taken into custody at the scene (3200 block of US Hwy 377 W), and Hobbs was booked into the Hood County Jail on charges of evading arrest or detention with a vehicle – enhanced, attempting to cause serious bodily injury.

Hobbs has quite the past with local law enforcement officials. His history includes a charge of theft over $50 but under $500 in 2009; assault – family violence – in 2010; warrants including theft, disorderly conduct – displaying a weapon and assault causing bodily injury; driving with a suspended license for a previous conviction in 2011; and assault causing bodily injury in early 2012. However, Hobbs appears to have had no run-ins with local law enforcement from March 2012 until Monday morning.

Hood County officials said no one was injured in the chase, which lasted well over two hours. However, Erath County officers did report one incident related to the chase.

Returning from chasing the suspect into Hood County, one of the Erath County SO units ran over a spike strip that had been left in the roadway. Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant said the strip was on the road in Hood County, but it was unknown if the strip belonged to Hood or Erath County SO.

“It’s not the policy of Erath County Sheriff’s Office to leave strips down, but I doubt it’s any department’s policy,” Bryant said. “It doesn’t matter (who left the strip down), it was an accident and, in the heat of the moment like that, I’m not surprised.”

The officer in the unit was able to quickly change the tires and get back to duty. However, the tires on the unit will have to be replaced.

It should also be noted that while there are reports of the chase starting because Hobbs was stealing diesel, those charges have not been brought against him and calls to Eastland County Sheriff’s Department were unanswered as of noon on Monday.


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