Calling all vendors: Register now for free Health and Safety Fair



STEPHENVILLE (April 20, 2015) — The free community-wide health and safety fair held year by Stephenville Surgical and Medical Clinic at Henderson Junior High is set for Saturday, August 22, but the time for vendors to register is now.

“It’s not until August but we have already started working on it, and right now were are trying to get all our vendors registered,” said Jo Ann Shipman with SMSC. “We have some new attractions this year, and of course everything is free for vendors and participants.”

SMSC is adding a rollover simulator and distracted driver simulator.

“The rollover simulator encourages people to wear seat belts. You will be able to experience what happens in a rollover with a seat belt on and without a seat belt on,” explained Shipman. “The distracted driver simulator is something I’d like to see a lot of teenage drivers participate in, but not just teenagers. I know adults who text and drive, too, and there are other forms of distraction, like the radio, children or even doing your make-up.”

The driving simulators aren’t the only cool educational exhibits making their way to Stephenville in August. Air Evac will have a helicopter on scene for people to look in, and just as in the past three years, Carter Blood Drive will have its a donation bus on scene. Shipman says SMSC has always met its goal with the blood drives and she looks forward to reaching it against this year.

State representative Dr. J.D. Sheffield will be on hand with his Hard Hats for Little Heads project, giving bicycle helmets to youth.

“The only things that have fees are lab tests, and that’s just to cover costs,” Shipman explained. “They’re still very inexpensive.”

Vendors or interested persons can reach out to Shipman at SMSC for more information. She can be reached by email at and by phone at 254.968.6051 ext. 4210.

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