Ryan Ernest Southey

Ryan Ernest Southey

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(September 13, 1990 – July 25, 2015)
Ryan Ernest Southey was brought into this world September 13th, 1990 in Glendale, AZ.  The youngest of 3, he was a fighter since birth.  Ryan was born premature resulting in him needing to be in an incubator until he was brought back to health.
Ryan always had a passion for animals, computers, video games, music and art. Ryan was an avid member in the online group, Fur Affinity which is an online Anthropomorphic-themed art community. It’s an open forum intended to give anthro-minded folk an outlet to share their creative talents without over burdening rules and putting more emphasis on artistic freedom of expression and content.  And he was a very talented artist with a solid fan base.
When Ryan was about 22 years old, he made the decision to move to San Francisco on his own.  Very little money, no one he really knew and start his adventure. He eventually got a job at a coffee shop as a Barista.  The irony being he didn’t even like coffee. But Ryan made it. He was able to get his own apartment and live independently, never asking for any financial support.
About 2 years later, Ryan made the decision to leave the big city and start a new life in Stephenville, TX.  On July 25th, 2015 in the very early morning, Ryan and his friend and roommate, Ty, we stopped on the side of the road changing a flat tire.  It was at that moment our lives changed forever.  A truck driving down the road ran into and killed both boys. Ty was 23 and Ryan was 24.  Two Lives taken from this world way too soon.  Ryan was a gentle, kind soul. He never would or never could hurt anyone or anything. He was just finding his way in this world when it tragically ended.  His memory will live strong with his family and friends.



  1. Ryan had characteristics aspire to have. He truly was the most gentle human being I’ve ever known. I am fortunate and proud to have known him.

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