Huston Academy valedictorian takes fast track to success



STEPHENVILLE (May 20, 2016) — Alyssa Lewis loves helping around the house with her 14-year old brother, and now she’s striving to help kids much younger.

Lewis, valedictorian of Huston Academy, Class of 2016, plans to become a pediatric nurse. And she is quite literally on the fast track to success, graduating high school in three years instead of four.

Lewis, whose favorite subject is math, was a member of the Stingerette dance team and FCCLA during two years of high school at Stephenville, and has spent this school year at Huston Academy, where principal Carol Taylor helped her discover opportunities to get ahead of the curve.

“Mrs. Taylor has been my biggest source of inspiration here,” Lewis told The Flash Thursday morning. “She has motivated me not only to get ahead and finish everything early, but to do it successfully.”

So much so that Lewis is the top graduate from the Stephenville-based charter school.

“Huston Academy has been special to me because of the great friends i have met here and the teachers who have helped me,” she said. “And because I’ve been able to do a lot of work online and at my own pace, and that’s helped me get ahead. Now I’m ready to start on college work.”


Lewis, the daughter of Amber Wilson and Nathan Smith, hasn’t picked a school, but knows where she wants the journey to lead.

“I just love helping people and I love kids and babies,” Lewis said. ‘That’s why I think pediatrics is good for me.”

Lewis, who enjoys horseback riding, says family is important and is her focus outside school.

“I have two sisters (13 and 12), but I live with my brother and I love helping him; we’re very close,” she said. “Family is always very important to me.”

Earning the title of valedictorian has given Lewis the confidence to take on all challenges.

“This shows my family that I have worked hard, and it makes them proud,” she said. “I never thought I would be valedictorian, but graduating early and now this has given me a lot of confidence and belief in myself.”


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