Erath County Sheriff found dead in home

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant


ERATH COUNTY (December 20, 2016) – Sheriff Tommy Bryant is gone. The Erath County Sheriff was found dead inside his home of a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound, law enforcement officials reported Tuesday morning.

Bryant, who was first elected to the office of sheriff in 1997 by Erath County voters, has said numerous times in the past that he was grateful to the residents of this county for the chance to serve them. And this year, he was elected to continue holding the seat another four years.

However, just last week, The Flash brought you news of an ongoing TCOLE investigation into the sheriff’s department. And while no one was yet named in that investigation, Bryant himself started the investigation by self-reporting a discrepancy with testing and certifications.

Bryant is survived by his wife, Donnie, and son, Thom Allen, and a host of his law enforcement family.

Erath County Judge Tab Thompson and the County Commissioners are meeting in closed session to discuss the appointment of an interim sheriff for the county.



  1. Tommy Bryant was a great man and a great sheriff that Stephenville is unworthy of. We are just fine with the fact our Texas Attorney General is awaiting the fraud case he repeatedly tried to weasel out of, and have no problem supporting the KKK’s darling Trump, but we loose our tiny hate filled little minds when those who have faithfully served us with dignity are guilty of an infraction. Where were all the “back the blue” people on Facebook when everyone was ripping our sheriff to shreds? Tommy Bryant was a champion, and we have lost the light. Hopefully we can at least treat his widow and son with the respect they deserve while we reflect on the many years of service that both Tommy and Donnie Bryant have selflessly dedicated to the betterment of our community.

  2. This is a tragedy not only for Erath County but for all who new Tommy. A great guy and a staunch law enforcement man. May you rest in peace my friend and may God bless your family in the difficult days ahead. Those of us who ever worn a badge and gun understand how hard the job is and the toll it takes on a mind an body.

  3. My prayers go out to his family. Tommy Bryant was my boss for many yrs. I always had great respect for the man and still do. He will be missed..

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