Former first responder pleads guilty to two felony charges

Cody Miller sentenced to 12 years in prison



STEPHENVILLE (January 23, 2017) – Cody Miller is someone just about everybody knows. He grew up in the local area and spent about two decades as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.

On Monday, Miller became a convicted felon, pleading guilty to two counts of aggravated assault of a public servant – a first-degree felony – in the 266th Judicial District Court.

It’s something most people who knew him would have never expected.

But, an event happened in September 2015 that took Miller from being a first responder to an inmate in the Erath County Jail. 

More than a year ago, he texted a friend, saying he was going to kill himself. When officers arrived, he fired at them with a shotgun. The news sent a shockwaves through the community.

Cody Wayne Miller

The events that landed him in jail included a long-term struggle with depression and emotional turmoil. His Facebook page told a tale of a man struggling with relationships and the realities of the sometimes graphic and gruesome occupation of being a first responder.

At some point, Miller was placed on disability, sources said, related to post traumatic stress disorder associated with his role in public service. His issues have been noted through psychiatric evaluation.

Prior to the case, Miller had no criminal history.

A first-degree felony carries a potential punishment of 5 to 99 years, or life, in prison. Throughout the proceeding, Miller was represented by court appointed attorney Brady Pendleton, who was able to secure a plea agreement with the state that sent Miller to prison for a fraction of the potential life sentence.

He was sentenced to two 12-year terms, set to run concurrently. Miller will get credit for the time served since his arrest.

Due to the aggravated nature of his crime, Miller will be required to serve at least half of the 12-year prison term.


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