Flag-carrying Dublin Lions proclaimed as ‘America’s Team’

Viral Huffman photograph from Homecoming game draws attention from Chanel 4 News, others

The Dublin football team and Russell Huffman of The Flash Today with a copy of his original photograph of the Lions charging onto the field with American flags carried by each player on Homecoming night at Memorial Stadium has gone viral. || The Flash Today photo


DUBLIN (October 30, 2017) — For patriotism shown as they charged onto their home field with an American flag carried by every player, the Dublin Lions have become “America’s Team,” proclaimed Texas state representative Patrick Fallon as he paced across the stage in the Dublin High School Cafe-torium addressing a crowd of about 200 Monday afternoon.

Fallon, the state rep for Texas House of Representatives District 106 serving Denton, was on site to recognize the Lions for becoming “America’s team” based on social media shares and views he guesses to be in the “hundreds of thousands” of a photograph and video depicting the scene of the Lions with the flags as they took the field for their September 29 homecoming contest at Memorial Stadium.

At the height of news coverage NFL athletes kneeling or displaying other forms of silent protest during the playing of the National Anthem, Dublin senior offensive lineman Bryan Healey suggested the team carry flags onto the field. Head football coach and athletic director Bob Cervetto agreed, and so did the local Rotary Club, who gladly loaned out the flags.

Russell Huffman of The Flash Today photographed the viral image, publishing it the following morning to his own Facebook page with The Flash Today adding it to our page that afternoon. A video of the scene shared on Facebook more than 60,000 times is also ‘viral,’ defined by Dictionary.com to be accepted slang referring to “an image, video, piece of information, etc., that is circulated rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another.”

“Now, because of what you did, thousands of people who you will never know are rooting for you…,” said Fallon. “I say the Dallas Cowboys aren’t America’s Team. During this time, this period, you are.”

Huffman originally published the photo on his own Facebook page the next morning, September 30, and The Flash Today posted it to our page that afternoon.

that gets quickly spreads to many thousands of computer, smartphone, table to  acceo more than 60,000 shares on Facebook. Video of Fallon proclaiming the Lions as America’s team is posted on our Facebook page HERE.

Dublin players charged through the usual spirit sign with a flag being carried by every lineman, and Huffman captured the moment brilliantly. A moment that has seen Huffman’s photograph transformed into background, and home screen photos on phones, tablets and computers, timeline and profile photos on Facebook and more.



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