There’s a whole lot of hustle going on at the Honeybee soccer minicamp



It was hard to tell who was more excited the youngsters attending the Honeybee soccer minicamp or varsity players who were coaching them Tuesday at Stephenville High School

The rainy weather didn’t even cause a moment’s pause as coach Casey Weil and his staff already had alternate plans as campers hustled through stations in the high school gym and green room.

“Isn’t this something?” Weil asked. “Look at all the players we have out here today and they are so motivated.”

“They” being the varsity players who were busy teaching the skills they have learned all while having to learn how to keep the attention of the campers.

Part of the routine to keep that attention is moving the campers through different stations where they practice dribbling, shooting on the goal, defending the goal, heading and more.


UIL rules require that campers can be coached by varsity players or coaches but not both at the same time.

“Honestly I don’t think the campers care one bit about meeting me or the coaching staff,” Weil said. “You can just watch the faces and the smiles out there. They are living the dream and getting to be with the varsity girls.”

Final numbers will still be tallied as there were few late arrivals and Weil estimated he would have close to 70 campers attending this year.

Each day will offer new challenges for the campers and they will also get to show how they are improving.


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