Students express themselves in painting their own parking spaces at SHS


Stephenville High School seniors have been busy expressing themselves and nailing down their parking spaces before the school year gets underway.

The fund-raising project sponsored by the student council began several years ago where students could reserve a parking spot of their very own for a fee. Once the fee is paid the student is allowed to paint their spot which marks it as “off limits” to other drivers during school hours.

Tuesday a half-dozen students were playing catchup on their projects after rains left the parking lot too wet Monday. Students or their parents can contact the high school for more information on reserving a space. Students do have to agree to paint the spot back to black once the school year is over.

Mitch Deckard outlines his parking lot which will be done in the style of the logo of his favorite video game.
Julian Smith was just getting started with the diagrams for her creation.
Is it hard to guess that Brett DeViney is in the band?
Kendra Roberson “rides” the back of her sea turtle painting as she adds some finishing touches to her parking space.
Chloe Goodman pulls her vehicle into “her spot” at Stephenville High School.
Emily Stroubel got some help from her sister Erin in completing her parking space.

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