Mac’s Meat & Seafood Market will open your eyes and make your mouth water

Bringing back the old-fashioned meat market in style


When the door a person has walked through to go work for more than 24 years suddenly closes some choices have to be made. Darrell McIntosh chose to take his experiences and skills, and open the door of opportunity now known as Mac’s Meat and Seafood Market in Stephenville.

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McIntosh is a man who knows meat.

He graduated from Texas State Technical College with a degree in meat processing and began his career locally in Dublin with Food Fare (Sav-On) and later with Brookshires in Corsicana and Terrell.
When the chance came to work in Stephenville again, McIntosh worked as a butcher at Wal-Mart and when the company phased out onsite meat cutting he became a floor manager learning the ins and outs of retail. However, for a man used to serving up quality choice and prime cuts of meat and seeing the smiles on customer’s faces when they picked up a custom ordered roast or prime rib something was missing from his life.

Darrell McIntosh can cut you a prime piece of meat and tell you the best way to prepare it for your family.

“I’ve always had a strong sense of customer service,” McIntosh said. “There’s something special about being able to provide exactly what a customer wants in a high-quality cut of meat. A roast or a steak is the centerpiece of a good meal and people want that to be just right. That’s our goal here at Mac’s.”

Darrell and Betty McIntosh talk about getting started and the value of customer service.

It’s also why McIntosh and his wife Betty are involved in every part of the process when it comes to Mac’s Meat and Seafood Market located at 1510 E Washington Street in Stephenville. It’s also a big part of the reason they have an ever-changing selection of seafood. First, someone has to catch and ship it, and it has to meet the high standards they have in place.
“I can’t take it home to my family with an absolute sense of pride I’m not selling it to my customers,” McIntosh said.

Betty McIntosh’s working career has included a lot of time working with the public and she knows the value of customer service.

Betty graduated from Dublin High School in 1982 and has had a colorful work career in everything from being the Dublin ISD transportation secretary, assistant to the superintendent, and was also tasked with helping create the first daycare with the Dublin ISD -Lion Cub Learning Academy.
The husband and wife team seem to have the perfect combination of specialized work experience along with a great sense of community pride, and they want to translate that into serving up the best meat and seafood choices possible.

Do you want crab legs or shrimp with your steak tonight? Isn’t it great to have seafood choices in Stephenville?

Don’t have time to marinate meat for hours?
Mac’s has you covered with a wide selection ready to pop into your favorite dish. They’ve also got a great selection of custom seasonings if you have a hankering to mix up your particular recipe.
Mac’s Meat and Seafood Market also carries Boar’s Head Products (the only place locally) and Clint and Son Jerky. They’ve even got a selection of produce.

Mac’s Meat & Seafood Market carries a large selection of Boar’s Head products.

“If we don’t have it already out for sale and a customer is looking for something else then that’s what we are looking to provide them,” Betty said. “Customers can phone in their orders and if they want one-inch T-bone steaks or two-inch ones that’s what we are going to have ready for them.
Visit Mac’s Meat and Seafood Market today at 1510 E Washington Street in Stephenville or call in your custom order at 254-434-4999.

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