Sgt. Chris Hill honored for saving the Greens from house fire


Flash staff report
April 13, 2023

On Monday, April 3, just after lunch, Sgt. Chris Hill with the Erath County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling when an emergency dispatch came over the radio – a home was on fire and two people were believed to still be inside. Hill raced to the scene.

Once on site, Sgt. Hill discovered the report was correct, two people were in the home. Mr. and Mrs. Green couldn’t get out and the fire was getting worse quickly. Hill had to act fast.

According to the fire report, at approximately 1 p.m. on April 3, first responders were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the first fire units reported a single structure with flames and smoke visible. ECSO Sgt. Hill was on the scene and had both of the people reported to be inside, out of the structure. EMS was on scene and attended to them while the fire department put out the flames. 

Both Sheriff Matt Coates and Erath County fire personnel credit the quick actions and bravery of Sgt. Hill in helping to rescue the victims. At an awards ceremony held this week, the Greens’ family was on hand to thank him for saving their parents.


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