Downtown Stephenville undergoes changes for part in Bass Reeves show


Flash staff report
April 14, 2023

Crews are in action as work to take downtown Stephenville back in time continues. Work is being done so that scenes can be shot here for an upcoming Paramount+ series being filmed in and around Erath County. The show, ?ℎ? ???? ?????? ?????., will star David Oyelowo.

According to various sources, the series, which is part of the Taylor Sheridan ??????????? universe, is based on Reeves’ life, is being shot in Texas and will be out in late 2023 or early 2024. TV Guide reported Sheridan will direct the first two episodes.

There is a lot happening around the square in Stephenville for whatever scenes will be shot there. From the reported hanging gallows to the changes to the Rexall Drug Store (Slim Pickins Outfitters), there is plenty going on.

Filming will begin in May and is supposed to be completed by the first of June, but dates are not really set as so many variables can change when shooting a film or show like this, officials said.

However, while work continues and filming will begin soon, this means a change of pace for many downtown. For example, parking has changed and The Flash spoke with Julie Smith with Stephenville Main Street for details. She said parking will change for a short time and provided a map for readers.

Some businesses that will be featured in filming are having to close and work is done on their buildings. Most notable so far has been the Blue Eyed Buffalo, which made a Facebook post letting customers know they will be selling online beginning Tuesday, April 25, but only until filming is complete.

Below is a FAQ sheet from Stephenville Main Street to answer other questions folks might have about filming in Stephenville.


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