Words from the Sheriff

Erath County Sheriff Tommy Bryant

To function effectively, a law enforcement agency must have the assistance of responsible citizens.  Concerned citizens can be effective when reporting suspicious persons and activities.

Some people do not call simply because they are not aware of what they are seeing.  Or they take for granted someone else will call.  When you see suspicious activity, make a call to us as soon as possible.  It may turn out to be legitimate activity but these quick calls put law enforcement on the scene soon enough to stop the crime or catch the suspects if illegal activity is going on.  We always welcome the call and the assistance. 

Some activity is obviously criminal in nature but some is only suspicious to persons familiar with the area.  A concerned neighbor can do a lot to protect your property and your family.  It helps to know what to watch for and report.  Keep these points in mind:

  • A stranger entering your neighbor’s house when you don’t think anyone is home or a strange car parked at the house when the owners are not at home.
  • A scream heard anywhere may mean a robbery or some type of assault is taking place.
  • Someone offering you merchandise at a price you know is far too low.
  • Anyone taking license plates off a vehicle or removing accessories.
  • Someone peering into parked cars.
  • Persons entering or leaving a business after hours.
  • The sound of breaking glass or loud noise could mean an accident, burglary attempt or someone vandalizing property.
  • Unknown persons loitering around a neighborhood, school, park or secluded areas.
  • Someone running from a car, home or area.
  • A person wandering around a neighborhood for no apparent reason or a vehicle cruising slowly around a neighborhood or with its lights off.
  • Business transactions from a vehicle or money exchanging hands can point to a drug deal or sale of stolen property.
  • Persons   carrying merchandise on foot at an odd time or place.
  • Any activity or things being removed from a vacant or unoccupied house.
  • A stranger in a car seeming to beckon a child or a child resisting the advances of an adult.

There will be many people moving about your neighborhood or area all the time while on legitimate business.  Often it is difficult to spot who belongs there and who may not.  If you are suspicious or feel something is wrong, give us a call.  It does not take long to check out a situation.  We need and appreciate the help we get from our community.

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