Driggers returns to top spots in tight team roping header standings

Jacobs Crawley holds near $40K lead in saddle bronc

Kaleb Driggers, right, is shown roping in the 2014 NFR. He is first among headers in the current PRCA world standings. || Courtesy DUDLEY BARKER/DudleyDoRight.com


(September 7, 2016) — Kaleb Driggers of Stephenville has returned to the top of the world standings in team roping, becoming the first header to top $100,000. Paul Eaves of Huckabay, meanwhile, is the first heeler to that mark and also leads the world.

World champion Jacobs Crawley has topped $150,000 and increased his lead in saddle bronc world standings to just less than $40,000. His brother, Sterling Crawley, is also looking to return to the National Finals Rodeo and is sitting 10th in the world standings. It’s a tight race with Crawley holding a $4,500 lead over 16th place Ryder Wright with two weeks remaining in the regular season.


Other cowboys currently standing to make the NFR include team roping headers Luke Brown and Colby Lovell of Stephenville and Billy Bob Brown, a former Tarleton all-around star currently residing in Carbon. Team roping heelers Jake Long of Morgan Mill, partner to Brown, as well as Travis Graves of Morgan Mill, Shay Carroll of Hico and Wesley Thorp of Stephenville, are also in the top 15. Thorp, a 2015 College NFR champion heeler, is trying to hold on to the 15th spot with a $4,500 lead over No. 16 Justin Davis.

Marty Yates of Stephenville is looking to reach his third straight NFR and is currently safe by about $6,900.

The Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo at Lone Star Arena, which is again among the rodeos nominated for top mid-size PRCA rodeo of the year, has public performances on September 23, 24 and 25 during the last week of the regular season. Many of the top competitors, both local and worldwide, will be in action at Lone Star Arena.


Here is a look at area cowboys in the current world standings:

Bareback ($55,498.24)

14. Richmond Champion, Dublin $55,777.97

Team Roping (Headers) ($55,938.79)

1. Kaleb Driggers, Stephenville $100,274.56

3. Luke Brown, Stephenville $98,981.91

4. Colby Lovell, Stephenville $94,475.92

14. Billy Bob Brown, Carbon $57,185.70

20. Jake Cooper, Stephenville $46,305.34

36. Blaine Vick, Dublin $28,269.85

44. David Key, Stephenville $25,910.38

Team Roping (Heeling) ($58,866.47)

1. Paul Eaves, Huckabay, $100,376.74

3. Jake Long, Morgan Mill $95,637.31

6. Travis Graves, Morgan Mill $78,859.71

8. Shay Carroll, Hico $70,899.02

11. Dakota Kirchenschlager, Morgan Mill $64,406.72

15. Wesley Thorp, Stephenville $58,866.47

27. Kory Koontz, Stephenville 36,042.24

28. Walt Woodard, Stephenville $35,995.08

31. Jim Ross Cooper, Stephenville $32,906.82

37. Travis Woodard, Stephenville $29,502.30

40. Cole Davison, Stephenville $27,703.92

Saddle Bronc Riding ($62,930.23)

1. Jacobs Crawley, Stephenville $157,852.60

10. Sterling Crawley, Stephenville $67,253.25

Tie-Down Roping ($54,635.27)

13. Marty Yates, Stephenville $61,537.23

21. Sterling Smith, Stephenville $49,076.46

29. Chase Williams, Stephenville $37,246.47

39. Cimarron Boardman, Stephenville $31,544.97


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