Committee identifies SISD facility, campus site needs

Hook Elementary next tour stop for facilities planning committee

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STEPHENVILLE (June 2, 2017) — It has not taken long for a facilities planning committee and Huckabee Architects to establish a preliminary list of construction needs at Stephenville ISD.

Superintendent Matt Underwood released the preliminary list by email Friday, encouraging committee members to double check to ensure their feedback made the list, which was comprised by Huckabee representatives after joining the committee on tours of Stephenville High School and Gilbert Intermediate School.

The committee, chaired by Krista Pack, meets again Monday, at 6 p.m., this time at Hook Elementary School to tour its facilities and campus site, followed by a review of potential projects including both original options as well as new options and ideas. The focus will then shift to ranking prioritization criteria for determining a priority ranking for each potential project. The criteria listed on the agenda for Monday’s meeting include benefit to students, benefit to community, value, urgency/need and equity.


The preliminary list, entitled Stephenville ISD Project List, includes numerous potential projects at Hook Elementary, Gilbert Intermediate and Stephenville High School,  and just one item – additional parking – for Henderson Junior High. The district is on schedule to pay off the bond for the junior high campus in May of 2018.

While the committee appears to be moving fast in identifying needs, a bond election, while imminent, has yet to be scheduled.

The preliminary list as of Friday evening is shown below. Simply click for a full-size copy.

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