FLASH FOTOCAP: Jackets double dip with Glen Rose, Gatesville

The Flash Today photo by RUSSELL HUFFMAN

Photos/Quick cap from Russell Huffman

GLEN ROSE (August 18, 2017) — Three-way scrimmages give teams the opportunity to work against two different defensive looks and, obviously, two different offensive schemes. They also present the opportunity in each 4A club’s initial scrimmage against opposition, to adapt on the fly , which becomes the norm once the ball leaves the tee in their season opnerse two weeks from tonight.

Blake Aragon turned in one of his vintage leaping touchdown grabs on a pass from Tyler Schouten for Stephenville, which was also steady behind the running of Krece Nowak with big guys like center Jacob Poston, Devon Roeming, Lane York, and others leading the way.

Linebackers Zane Walker and Blu Caylor led a physical effort defensively, where fans have ben calling for two years, some longer, for such play on that side of the ball.



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  1. Defensive line looked good as well. Chase Carrillo had some hard hits. All and all the defense looked good.
    Great job boys!

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