Jake & Dot’s Special Moment of the Week: Fake punt burns some ‘Wood

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(October 25, 2017) — Without timeouts, Brownwood was setting up the best it could for what it hoped would be a long punt return for or leading to a game tying touchdown in the closing seconds at Gordon Wood Stadium last Friday.

Only Stephenville never kicked the ball, nor did Brownwood get another possession.

The Yellow Jackets instead went out and won it themselves the same way they scored their four touchdowns in their District 3-4A Division I opener – on the strength and savvy of senior quarterback Easton Jones.

It helps that Jones is also the punter and that he punts from what resembles a regular shotgun set within the Stephenville offense. They even motioned the outside receiver in toward the box, just as they do when they typically punt.

This time, however, Easton Jones looked up, passed to a wide open Kyle Lindsey, who had a big game, and the junior wideout wisely made sure he had first down yardage and slid to the turf. On first down, Jones took a knee, and after delivering four TDs to four receivers in a span of four offensive snaps early on, the Yellow Jackets had held off the rival Lions in the 76th rendition of the Battle of 377, “burning the ‘Wood,” as they say for the first time since 2014. It was the first win in he historic series for Greg Winder as head coach, as well as for Jones, Lindsey and all the current Yellow Jackets as varsity players.

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