The 1,600-mile balloon from New York

ERATH COUNTY (November 10, 2017) – Everyone loves a story with a happy ending, and this one has just that.
Last Sunday, we brought you a story about a young balloon-sender, but nothing was known except his name – Greyson, and where he is from – Moravia, New York. The balloon that he released on September 9 somehow ended up in Dr. Thad and Dr. Kelly Miller’s pasture in Stephenville. The Millers thought Hurricane Harvey had something to do with it.
“It is so crazy…it must have gotten caught in the winds,” Kelly said. “It definitely did not go in a straight line. It is 1,600 miles from here to Moravia.”
Because you all were determined to find Greyson, you shared and shared and shared the last story until over 170 people had it on their Facebook page. Less than two hours after it was published, Greyson’s mother, Dusty Dmorgan, and the pastor of Midlakes United Methodist Church commented on the post.
Like the Millers, Greyson thinks the balloon got caught in the hurricane winds, and was surprised when he found out it touched down in Texas.
“I was expecting it to go to a place where no one would find it,” Greyson said.
Not only did the Millers find the balloon, they responded to Greyson by mail. But until Sunday evening, however, they had no idea if Greyson had received their letter.
“I haven’t been able to see if they got my note,” Kelly said last week. “This might be creepy, but I may call another church in that town and ask if they can contact them. I will contact him. I will.”
Because of Kelly’s perseverance and the Facebook shares, these two families from New York and Texas are now connected for no other reason than a balloon.
Greyson is 9 years old and the youngest of four kids. According to his mom, he is shy and quiet, but also very active in school. He plays alto saxophone and is in choir at school, and hopes to play baseball and soccer. Not only that, but he loves learning.
Greyson sent the balloon from this church – the Midlakes United Methodist Church in Moravia, New York.


Greyson Morgan
“He is a living science and history book,” Dusty said. “He can read about something and soak it right up and explain it all.”
Greyson hopes to be pen pals with the Millers, but he wanted to share a message with them now, too.
“I would like to tell the Millers that I was excited to meet them, well not meet them, but call them,” he said. “And they got the balloon and they read it and didn’t throw it away.”
Thank you to everyone who shared, commented, and contributed to making this a happy ending. If this doesn’t make you want to release a balloon with a message attached to it, we don’t know what would!


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