MOUNTAIN LION ATTACK: A Lipan man’s death is believed to be caused by mountain lion


December 5, 2020

A Lipan man is dead following what Hood County authorities believe was a mountain lion attack.

Christopher Alan Whiteley, 28, was last seen Wednesday, Dec. 2, and his body was found Thursday, Dec. 3, in a wooded area near his home in Lipan.
According to officials, Whiteley’s body had wounds which appear to have come from a wild animal, possibly a mountain lion.

The Hood County Sheriff’s Department has contacted the USDA to investigate and possibly to trap and remove the lion. In most cases involving a wild animal attacking a human, the animal is euthanized.

“The safety of Hood County Citizens are my priority one, but please don’t interfere with the process of locating the animal and stay clear of the area being actively worked by officials,” Sheriff Rogers Deeds said.

Mountain lions have been in the news lately, with a spotting in Rowlett garnering lots of media attention.

While the preliminary report indicates Whiteley died from a wild animal attack, but a full autopsy has not yet been completed.

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  1. I just moved here from Louisiana this is kind of scary, especially since I’m living on a ranch

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